“As an administrator, I wholeheartedly endorse your program in the Memphis City Schools. The effect of music and movement helps to positively reinforce important messages that children need to know . I continue to reinforce your message to the children that they are indeed “geniuses”. The encouragement that children gain from your program is invaluable.”
Charlotte Harper, Former  Principal,
Graceland Elementary School

“It gives our department and any agency that works with children a valuable resource in… motivating children to do their best. It is gratifying to know that there a responsible artist in the music industry who will use his influence on children in a positive way.”
Walter Crews, Former Dir. Memphis Police Dept.

“Talk to pastors and civic organizations to sponsor programs like this in their neighborhood!”

“Excellent!  Ekpe uses different learning styles to help children learn new information.  It should be promoted through newspapers, radio, television.”

“I AM A GENIUS” makes children and adults aware of the values and ethics that are mandated for life in the present and future.  It is also a great plus for building self-esteem.”
“Children learn through games and music. Play is a positive learning adventure for children.  The children were very involved in the song and dance. More of the same on a weekly basis until all children have been exposed.”
Buckle Every Living Thing Safely (BELTS) Program
“Uniquely informative and entertaining. Great for building self-esteem; involved all students and adults.  I AM A GENIUS” was fun with a good message.”
“The benefit is exposing children to positive messages in a manner that they embrace without effort and with enthusiasm. Present in schools, churches, festivals, TV, etc”

“It uses music, a vehicle that children easily identify with. It was very good—it kept the children involved throughout the whole performance.”
“Excellent. Uses different learning styles to help children learn new information. It should  be promoted through newspapers, radio, television.”
“Positive affirmations said regularly equals positive actions for children and adults. Make tapes available for purchase by students.”
“Good spring board for developing positive affirmations and healthy self esteem.”
“This program presented the things we focus on in a fun and energetic manner.
  Would welcome follow up presentation.”
“It helps children to develop awareness and motivation to be the best they can be.”
“Eye opener! Reinforcement is the key!  Brings awareness to our community.”
“Wonderful, builds self esteem!  The positive elements of the program are really needed."


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